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3 years warranty.

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100% nature for all four seasons.

The all season duvet is made of 100% natural fibres. It consists of two separate parts that can be joined to create one, thicker duvet.



The mix of Swiss lambswool and luxurious wild silk keeps you cool in summer and allows for perfect breathability and air circulation. At 250g/m2, it is very light and prevents unnecessary heat storage.


Spring / Autumn

Soft cashmere paired with Swiss lambswool provide both warmth and incomparable softness. Weighing 400g/m2 it is heavier than the summer duvet and therefore perfect for the colder seasons.

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Combining the two parts creates a heavy winter duvet that will get you through the coldest nights. In bed, you won’t even feel the winter.

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Naturally soft

Perfect temperature

Breathable natural fibres soak up all humidity and release it again. This allows for a balanced, natural sleep climate.

Softest touch

A cover made from 100% cotton in combination with a natural filling leads to the highest comfort night after night.

Easy maintenance

Natural fibres have a high self-cleaning power. Thanks to a special bio polymere the duvet is also washable at 60° Celsius.


„A duvet that is just perfect for the whole year. So happy with it!“

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Made in Germany.

Swiss wool, handcrafted in Germany. This is our duvet.

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