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About the mattress

What sizes are the muun mattress available in?
Do you offer oversize dimensions?
What are the packaging dimensions?
What is the height of the mattress?
How much does the muun mattress weigh?
Why does the mattress consist of two separate elements?
How do the two elements work together?
Can the topper slide off?
Can I buy the base or the topper separately?
Which bed frames does the muun mattress suit?
Can I use my normal bed sheets with the muun mattress?
Environmental certifications
Is it true that the mattress has a 10 year warranty?
I have allergies, will I have any issues with the muun mattress?
Does the foam smell?
What materials are used in the mattress?
Where is the muun mattress made?
Does the muun mattress have different ergonomic zones?
Why do you only offer one mattress?
Do you offer different grades of firmness?
Is the muun mattress suitable for people of all shapes and sizes?
Four combinations in just one mattress – how does that work?
How can couples adjust the muun mattress?
Is it hot during the night?
I have problems with my back. Does the muun mattress solve them?
What exactly is project7
Does the muun mattress have handles?
How was muun graded at the ‘Stiftung Warentest’?

Buying the mattress

Don’t I need to test the mattress before buying it?
Can I test the muun mattress in a store?
How is the mattress delivered?
How does the home trial work?
How do I try the different combinations out?
Do I pay for delivery?
Where do you ship to?
Can I decide on a preferred delivery date?
What happens if I am not at home when the box is delivered?
How long does delivery take?
How can I pay for the mattress?
Is it possible to pay in installments?
For what types of bed frame is the muun mattress suitable?
Can I use the mattress with a box spring frame?
Do you offer a pick up service for my old mattress?

Owner advice mattress

Can I wash the cover?
Can I rotate the mattress?
Can I return the mattress?
What happens to the mattress once I returned it?
Can I put it back into the box?
Do I need to keep the box?
How will the mattress be picked up?
Do I need prepare anything for the pick-up?
How long can I keep the mattress inside the box?

Everything understood?