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Warranty service of matrazzo GmbH

Irrespective of the statutory warranty of 2 years, the matrazzo GmbH Hindenburgring 39, 37115 Duderstadt (in the following „muun“) offers buyers (in the following “customers“) an additional warranty as illustrated in the following:

1. Validity for muun products and proof of purchase:

The warranty applies for brand new never used muun merchandise that have been acquired directly from the homepage (in the following „products“) including the inner materials and the core(in the following „core materials“) and the outer fabric cover (in the following ”cover”) and applies only after proof of purchase through valid documents like order confirmation or invoice.

2. Duration:

The warranty for muun mattresses (in the following “mattress”) has a duration of ten years, for muun pillows (in the following “pillow”) as well as duvets (in the following “duvet”)  each 3 years and for the beach mat (in the following „mat“) 2 years. The duration starts with delivery of the muun product to the customer. (in the following “transfer of risk”) and can only made valid by the customer if the product is located in France, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy or Sweden during actual utilisation.

3. Warranty service:

In case the condition does not comply with the common state-of-the-art after the expiration of the statutory warranty period of comparable products (in the following “flaws”), muun is obligated to eliminate any such flaws (in the following “improvement”) or to provide with a new product (in the following “subsequent delivery”). In the case of an improvement, muun reserves the right to exchange faulty parts or to repair them. muun reserves the right to provide improvement through a third party or the manufacturer (in the following “manufacturer”).

These are the conditions under which a customer is entitled to improvement:

a) The flaw has to be reported right after gaining awareness of such flaw through muun will send a warranty form to the customer, which demands further information on the warranty case.
b) Upon report, muun will provide transport of the product to the manufacturer and bears all expenses.
c) The manufacturer inspects the product in view of the flaw made apparent by the customer. Should it become apparent that there is no flaw that is covered by the warranty, the customer must provide payment for the expenses of transport.
d) If inspection concludes that a flaw covered by the warranty is present, the manufacturer will repair the flaw. If the flaw is irreparable, muun will provide replacement parts.
e) If parts are replaced for the purpose of eliminating flaws, the replaced parts become muun property.
f) In case the customer decides to purchase a product with a higher price, the customer pays the difference cost between the new product and the originally purchased one.
g) This warranty is valid also for the replaced or repaired products but the warranty duration does not start over, meaning the warranty duration for repaired or replaced parts is to calculate from date of purchase of the mattress according to clause 2. The warranty is valid until the end of the original duration, according to clause 2. This is also valid if the product has no replaced party nor has been repared.

4. Warranty exclusions:

excluded from the warranty are specifically:

For all products:

a) minor color deviations from the photos in the online shop,
b) minor deviations from the communicated size (up to 3%) in the online shop,
c) The warranty does not extend to replacement of parts subject to natural wear (especially contamination of covers and topper covers).


For mattress, mat and pillow:

d) discoloration of the fillings (f.e. through UV lighting) as well as
e) Indentations under 2 cm, or rather a softening of the foam or fillings over time. 


Warranty obligations further don’t apply if the loss incurred is caused by:

a) Damaging the product intentionally (third parties as well) or acts of god especially but not exclusively by burns, cuts, tears, humidity.
b) Using the product in an improper way, especially if it has been washed with a higher temperature than labelled  or has been excessively stained.
c) If parts have been added to the original product without written permission or if the product has been altered in any way.
d) The customer has changed preferences, meaning the mattress is “too hard” or “too soft” or the duvet is “too warm” or “too cold”.
e) If the mattress has been stored in an inappropriate bedframe and /or slates that do not support the weight of the mattress properly. 


5. Further rights, statutory warranty and product liability:

Further claims do not exist on the basis of this warranty. particularly there are no claims for compensation like for example the duty to provide a replacement for the duration of improvement work, compensation for travel expenses and any workload by the customer, nor compensation for damages or the right of cancellation.

through this warranty the statutory rights, especially warranty claims with respect to muun and possible claims through the product liability law are not affected.