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„I’ve been looking for a new mattress for so long, because my boyfriend prefers it way firmer than I do. With your mattress this works just perfect now and there is no annoying gapgap that bothers. Extremely comfortable - just a great concept!"

Linda, sleep configuration: Byrd

"Good investment, worth every penny. Unique sleep experience. Delivery was very easy and flexible."

Sara, sleep configurationl: Aldrin

"You convinced me once I understood that you can find your combination at home. I always thought that I love firm mattresses but while testing the different combinations, I finally ended up with the softer version. Love it."

Thore, sleep configuration: Aldrin

„We sleep well. And thanks again for picking up our old mattresses, very comfortable."

Jan, sleep configuration: Colombo

"I sleep on the 180x200, no gap between my boyfriend and me at all."

Petra, sleep configuration: Byrd

„I am super happy with my mattress. It doesn’t just look great, it is also extremely comfortable.“

Dirk, sleep configuration: Davy

“I was very happy with the mattress but my boyfriend found it a bit too firm. This is why we had to give it back. Great service though, just one call and you picked it up. Thanks again."

Max, sleep configurationl: Colombo

“Girlfriend loves it, I love it! Worth every penny.”

Philipp,sleep configuration: Colombo

"Muun is an amazing concept and I finally got rid of my back pain! Never thought that buying a mattress would be that cool."

Julian, sleep configuration: Davy

"I've been sleeping on the muun mattress for almost 2 months not and it's been great. Just the delivery took a bit longer than promised."

Pia, sleep configuration: Aldrin

"Everything perfect! Great mattress, easy set up. Perfect fit of the cover and super comfortable. Happy we ordered a muun mattress. Keep it up!"

Henning, sleep configuration: Colombo &
Inga, Liegegefühl: Aldrin

„The pillow is amazing. I’ve had so much trouble finding a good one, now I have found it. Super comfortable.“


„You do notice the high quality and the smart selection of materials. I wouldn’t have thought that a foam pillow can be that soft."


“Finally a pillow with foam that is also cozy“


„I like the fact that you can decide on the height. I needed the higher one but my wife just took out the layer. Great idea!“


„After being happy with the mattress I also went for pillow and duvet. I love all products!“


“Great duvet, feels very good.”


“…muun, the first ‘Sleep Lifestyle Brand’ in Europe delivers a mattress, that takes care of you.”

“A mattress as a lifestyle object? muun proves this is possible.”

“Founders with brilliant ideas. […] One mattress, that customers can adapt to their individual preferences.”

“Good sleep is the eliexir of life. The muun mattress makes it possible.”

“muun launches the first sleep lifestyle brand.”

“Having learned about sleeping rituals through extensive research and trials, muun is conscious of sleep’s role as one of the key drivers in human creativity.”

"Everyone has individual sleep preferences. The muun mattress manages to adapt to those."

“A design company around the topic of sleep.”

„Muun ist perfect for all those who do not believe in just one firmness - and my absolute favorite.“

"Healthy sleep becomes more and more luxury in our performance society. muun, a German group of sleep lovers, offers beds and accessories and provides better sleep..."

"Two German entrepreneurs are fighting insomnia with their concept. Their mattresses are composed of two parts that can be adjusted to individual sleep preferences"

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